Portable Keyboard Review: Latest and Popular Alesis, Casio, Kawai, Korg, Roland, Yamaha Keyboard.

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Published: 12th February 2009
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Despite the tanking economy and an increasing number of layoffs, many including myself believes 2009 will be a year of innovation with more value added services. Tough times do not last, but tough people do. Do not hit the pause button just yet.

The Roland AX-Synth Shoulder Synthesizer is an innovation by Roland. This first inline Portable Keyboard Shoulder Synthesizer operates on 8 Ni-MH rechargeable batteries and could last for approximate 6 hours. This stand alone instrument has a robust sound system and affordable price.

Whereas, The Casio SA-75 Mini Keyboard is an innovation by Casio. The SA-75 can operates on 5-AA batteries or an AC Adaptor. The batteries and adaptor are not included in the package but instead a hands-free Microphone headset is included. Though batteries operated but the quality of sounds produce by this keyboard is much better than what I had expected earlier, taking into considerations the features and also the price range, which cost only a little more than a toy keyboard.

The SA-75 features a 37 Key and a LCD screen in a mini size keyboard. There are 100 tones, 30 rhythms and 10 tunes for players to choose from. While playing the keyboard, the LCD screen will display chords and melodies at the same time so children can learn both together. Students have the option to turn off the melodies and learn to play by focusing on scores alone. This is one good and affordable way to introduce kids to music and also to tap into their creative mind.

The Casio's LK220 features 61 Lighted key and is developed by incorporating AHL (Acoustic & Highly-compressed Large-waveform) Sound Source Technology. This cutting edge technology creates acoustic musical instrument sounds and grand piano sound of remarkable depth and realism. The LK220 new Step-Up Learning System allows students to learn one step at a time. I would personally recommend the LK220 to beginners.

With continuous improvement and innovation the manufacturers of Musical Instruments brings music to new levels of realism. All the models info are latest and popular models and at an affordable price. The Portable Keyboard enables you to bring along wherever you go and bring your music anywhere you love. The instrument can be your next best friend.Portable keyboard includes Mini keyboard, Entry level, Arrangers, Synthesizers, Workstations, Piano Portable Grand, Contemporary Pianos. Log on to charmainelimblog to find out more.

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